Precise laser tools for your great results



Now we working on following projects:

 PCB Laser prototyping machine

PCB’s prototyping Laser machine will be intend to work with PCB up to 10.16cm x 15.24cm (4 inch x 6 inch). We will use F-theta scan lens with scan field of 155 x 155 mm and focus spot size will be 14 µm. Laser source will be 355 nm at 5 W, peak power >6.2 kW at 40 kHz, pulse width <20 ns at 40 kHz, pulse energy 125 µJ at 40 kHz. Laser beam will be guided by the Galvo scan head. Laser machine also include PC software specially dedicated for PCB prototyping. As well machine will have Vision system, camera which will support positioning with simple recognition and focus field determination functions. Safety also important, so we will include Laser protection goggles Type LGE 355+1064 nm. 


 Spherical light micro-sensor spectrometer

Spherical light micro-sensor spectrometer intended for medical application where doze of light is important and most cases are critical for live cell. Micro-sensor probe allow to get to cell as close as possible and to collect light at 20 - 340 deg. A sphere diameter can be from 30 µm to 600 µm. The bigger sphere the bigger amount of light can be collect. The fiber is used to guide light through to small spectrometer. Spectrometer module can detect light from 200 nm to 1100 nm. The light intensity and spectrum will be register. Spherical light micro-sensor spectrometer also could be used in other application where hard to collect light at small spot and measure intensity as well spectrum.


Light shutter 

Light shutter is intend for light modulation, exposure or if light is coherent. The shutter can be used for safety, pulses to pulse selection. Now we are working on the coherent light shutter for ultrashort pulse laser. Coherent light shutter will be based on Low GDD mirrors and switching time could be reach up to 150 µm.